Fashion and culture trends I noticed from the upper East Coast

Last weekend I was in Boston and Maine for the first time. It was interesting to look at what people were wearing because the east coast has it's own vibe compared to Texas. I live in Dallas specifically and what Dallas wears is a trickled down of New York City and LA fashions mostly. I would say that Dallas also draws from Houston and Austin styles to a lesser degree, but that's another blog post.

So i spent most of my time in Maine. I saw alot of what you would normally see in small towns areas. It reminded me, considerably, of the small town aesthetics of central Texas. Denim pants, single color plain T shirts, just sort of regular blue collar type clothing. And for where I was that makes sense. Where I visited in Maine most people fish lobster and do construction for work. 

L.L. Bean is a really big thing up there. I was in Maine for a graduation and they announced that one of their students got a job with the company, and the crowd went ape-shit. I was surprised to see quite a number of people wearing acid wash shirts, Nothing too bright in color though. The students at the college were wearing a lot of Denim. There was also a lot of Ralph Lauren and the students wore a little bit of supreme.

What was more interesting to me was Portland, Maine and Boston. In the past decade I would say that the tapered-end slim fit clothing has become popular, like skinny jeans. I never quite understood why that fit translated to things like sweats or active wear clothing. And now I would say that  the "slim"cut or silhouette has translated to "Tech Clothes". In three words I would say it's Ninja, Military, Future. Designers are trying to pull whatever the future of fashion is into the present. I get that these cuts are designed to bring out lithe silhouettes or lithe body representations. I never got the emphasis on movement though and how it 's blurring the lines between causal, work, and active wear.       

I really feel that street or casual wear and active wear are playing off and informing each other right now. I think that's why sports wear has been such a big deal in fashion for the past three years or so.  I'm slow to connect certain dots. Being in Dallas you have to spend alot of time in different parts of the city to get a pulse of what's popping on a national scale. That's because you don't see alot of people on the street in Dallas. People come out mostly just for special events. So I think it was good that I got to get out and see what they wear on the upper east coast. It's different from New York city, upstate east coast in a very subtle, un-obvious way has it's own swag. I'm glad I got to check it out. Everywhere has it's own soil.  

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