Fixing my Flash Dryer

August 22nd 2:37 a.m.

Yesterday I had a major malfunction on my flash dryer. This is the third time the unit has broken down like this. The Wire is just fried. It's Monday and I just want to get this shit done as fast as possible. 

I go to three different electronics repair shops and all of them turn me away. Finally at the last place I ask dude "Where can I get the tools to do this myself ?" He just tells me to go to Home Depot. Pick up the gear. Go home and Youtube some knowledge in my brain. After a couple failed attempts and many hours later, I have learned how to fix my flash unit. Just in time to finish a job for a client.

Putting this Print shop together and keeping it going is teaching me many lessons. Some times you just have to take matters into your own hands even though you have no idea what your doing initially. I feel like that's the story in general when it comes to my shop.  

FYI when it comes to screen printing gear do the research for quality gear and pay the right price. This flash unit was on the higher low-end range, but still not well made. I got issues with my ebay Chinese screen-printing press too. But regardless of gear I'm making prints and fashion, so it's all gravy.

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