Making energy for the clothes

When I first started making shirts I just wanted to showcase my illustration skills. I wanted to make shirts that were figurative and fun. After a few months I started making textural, abstract pieces. People responded much better to the textural shirts, so I just went in that direction. 

All of my art is narrative based. I love to make stories. Moving into abstract or traditional patterns pushes the narrative all the way to the back. There is only the cold read for the viewer. In making art that expresses stories, archetypes, and moments. Wearing something is much different than putting it on a wall. People are very particular and everybody is different. I want people to have the experience of feeling awesome and excited about wearing the clothing I make. I asked myself, "How can I make clothing that empowers people?"

I'm still figuring this question out, but I'm not the first fool to make clothes, so I started doing research. In my research I found that most designs come from nature. There are certain trends that have been established over long periods of time. Back in the day everyone wore animal hides.  For some cultures this had a spiritual component as well. You wear the hide, you take on the energy of that creature, the power. Along with animals, plants and flowers are heavily used to create the tones and trends of clothing. Insinuating that a person is imbued with the qualities or energies of that thing. It was and still is shamanistic. To imbue an item with the energies of nature.

Not everything I make accomplishes this goal, to imbue a piece with the energies of a strong idea. Some pieces are discarded pit stops to destinations, but every piece is a Lesson. I try to take all the photographs myself for reference pictures for textures. It seems more potent or real for some reason. Often where I really bring a piece into the realm of being unique is in the printing and hand painting. My mind state reflects how good something comes out. It's a meditation.  

I have much more to say about my research, process, and execution. Though for now I want to say that I just wanna make the good energy for people.  

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