Making Norvis Junior Tees

One of my homies is an excellent Musician.

His stage name is Norvis Junior.  

I have many goals. One of my goals as an artist is to give the skills I've learned to others so they can make their own badass art. I think sharing knowledge to grow is badass.

This past weekend I was in the shop working on some Norvis Jr Tees. Saturday we went through the entire process of screen printing a tee shirt. I showed him how to coat a screen with emulsion, how to turn a design into a stencil, how to expose a screen, how to wash out, how to mix up discharge Ink. and how to print. We started about 3 p.m. and finished around 5 a.m. All of the actions take a specific amount of time and certain things can't be rushed. I've worked with a few people at this point, to help them crate their own clothing. What surprises people the most  is how much time it takes to create and choose worthwhile designs. This was my first time working with a musician to create shirts that represented him as an artist and also connected to his sound. Imagery and colour are very important. The wrong combo can throw off the vibe.

We had some kinks but at the end of the day we cooked up some dope clothes. With a plan in motion, Sunday, we were able to crank out some shirts. Ended up finishing around 11:30 p.m. instead of after midnight. Now they are ready for tonight, Monday, to sell at one of his performances in Dallas. We we're able to make something spacey, vibrant, and unique. For sure Norvis and I will be making some more clothes. This weekend was good for laying down the foundation. I look forward to see what will come next.   

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