My First Collection - Lesson's Learned

Last October (2017) I knew that I wanted to release my first collection for Easter of the following year. I had a very specific theme in mind that was based on the principle of rejuvenation. I started doing research as soon as I got back to Dallas from Austin. November, December, and January were busy months where I was doing things like photo shoots and special orders, etc. 

I had some personal shit happen in February that just wrecked everything I was doing. Usually I treat hard times as a avenue to create art, but this was a new experience and I couldn't work. I was a mess. Come March I pulled myself together enough to get back in the shop and I just started making things without a plan. I was searching in my work for something to give me new energy. I still wanted to meet my goal of releasing my first collection for Easter which fell on April 1st. 

I made a lot of pieces that I actually ended up burning in a metal trash barrel. Those pieces created an energy that I would say was negative. So much so that I felt I had to destroy them, but I was also emotionally and energetically unbalanced at the time. 

I came around to the topic or theme of healing and I feel that when I started to focus on the subject I started to make really interesting pieces. I started to think about specific people and internal issues when I would make pieces. I was still making pieces that I had to burn because I felt like I was rummaging in the dark, but some of my favorite work has come out of those sessions. 

I had been researching symbolism and a little bit of numerology earlier in the year. There are numbers that line the inside of my shop. The place of the number 6 is where I take photos of my pieces in the shop. The number is considered to be related to positive motherly energy. Six is a number that is all about sacrificing, caring, healing, protecting and teaching others.

I wanted to do a small drop of six, unique, individual, beautiful pieces. My plan was to make a short commercial for social media, a nice lifestyle photo with one of the pieces, and a blog describing the collection. 

I was at five pieces the Friday before the first of April. I was pushing to get the final work done. But I just couldn't problem solve the abstract energies I was working with. Part of the point of the collection was to heal myself so that I could move on to the next thing. But I realized that there was more I need to learn, there was more growth that needed to happen for me before I could heal myself and wrangle those abstract energies into pieces that I thought were fitting for the collection.

I ended up cutting the number of pieces in the collection to four. I blew all of my time I had allotted for media push and my collection didn't get the rollout I wanted for it. I still sold a piece (Thank You!) which totally surprised me. I was bummed that I didn't meet my goals, but I learned more than i thought in the experience. 

I've been listening to a lot of Diane Von Furstenberg recently. She talks about how her first collection really created the direction of her brand. With Tay Tay Pierre I've had the idea of having people "Live the Dream" through my clothing. What I mean by that is that I've wanted to create clothing for people that has them feel like they are living out their best lives that they have created for themselves. But honestly, the phrase "Live the Dream" is a little opaque or unclear. I've been working on the "philosophy" of my brand, the true mission statement. It's been there all along, but I'm in the process of clarifying it. I've been inspired by DVF, the brand. They want to glorify the woman and they make beautiful clothes. Their mission statement or philosophy has kept the brand running for decades. 

I want to make clothing that heals and empowers women, men, and children. I've been exploring this through different perspectives, but now I think I'm going to focus more on the healing aspect in my forthcoming designs.

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