My first fashion shoots and more image making

Here's an image from one of my first photo shoots for my brand (December 2017). I'm still developing the face of my brand and my brand's philosophy but I've know from jump that I've wanted diversity to be a central element of what I present to the world. I'm a person of color and I've always seen melting pot cultures as places where people could absorb and learn from others while still being themselves. My identity has been formed in that manner, by interacting and learning from other cultures i've learned how to be more myself. My clothes reflect and celebrate diversity and individuality, because that's how I was formed.

  I started making shirts in college around 2013. Three years later at the end of 2016 I got the means together to be able to print my own shirts.  Now I'm at a point where I want to breath more life into the clothes. There needs to be pictures of the clothes being alive and interacting with the world. Photoshoots are an interesting situation because they're either collaborations or your giving an artist (the photographer) permission to style your brand. Even if you got a clear idea, unless your taking the pictures yourself, everything filters through who your working with.  Other factors like the vibe of the location or studio and the model's personal swag come into play. All these energies mix together and create the layers for the photos. 

I haven't released pictures from these shoots but i will once i have the body of shots i want. Meaning I need to have more photoshoots first.

I've only had a couple shoots so far but I look forward to more shoots and playing around with it and having fun. 

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