Restructuring how I use the internet for business

For the past two weeks I've been painting a lot of rectangles on shirts. In that space of painting rectangles for hours and hours ( and hours) I've had a lot of time to think. The structure of everything I'm doing is wrong. Right now, all of my online traffic comes from social media. I don't put any energy into my blog, something that can really elucidate everything I'm doing and trying to do.

I notice that constantly interacting with Instagram and Facebook changes how I think. I want to post everyday and I notice when I don't have something to post my mood gets jacked up. When my emotions are all jacked I under preform. I notice I create for Instagram instead of creating towards my aspirations of beauty and energy.  

If this endeavor is going to come together I have to keep myself sharp and I feel like Social Media is dulling me a little bit. I have been spending too much time thinking about the internet. I can't not engage in social media, but right now I want my blog and website to be the primary. 

Making Designs and Printing, I notice it works better when I create in batches. When I devote several days to just designing, I got the juice. Printing, Washing Screens, Exposing Screens productivity goes up in batches. Instagram messes that up sometimes because I want to produce something new for each day, something fresh. Now I think it would be better to just spend time in production, writing, and hold back release so there is more personal distance from me and how I react to my social media. That way I'm not creating as a reaction to the internet. There are ideas and themes I explore through clothing and I'm going to spend more time growing and opening those ideas.  

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