I have a screen printing studio called, "Zodiac Spider One", where I produce Tay Tay Pierre Clothing. For the past couple of months I have been gearing up to launch my clothing Brand. In December I created a design a day for 30 days. During that time I was using a regular heat gun to set and attempt to cure my shirts. I use discharge inks and one cool thing about that type of ink is that the color of the ink will change when you get it close to the desired temperature. I started having issues with severe fading on my shirts after first washing. I wasn't heating all of my design properly. Didn't have the money to buy a new flash dryer. So I focused my energies on other aspects of starting a business. A month later I decided to quit bullshitting and asked for a personal loan so I could get the gear. Yesterday, my flash dryer came in. Power is Surging. Literally and Figuratively. I just got power in my Studio too. Before the upgrades I was running a long e cord to power a small light and the heat gun. I have evolved. Tested out the new gear and now I'm good to go to make shirts that won't wash out after the first cleaning. Very Excited... More to Come


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