Working on this Jean Jacket

So I've been working on his Jean Jacket for Months now. Initially it started as just working on it a little bit at a time and then it turned into spending days at a time on it. It may not look it, but alot of work has gone into making this jacket so far. The collar is cut and sewn in a punk style, sorta inspired by a mandarin collar. I've done several dye baths on this jacket, it's initial color was a light tan. After the dye process it sat for a while. Then I came in with three different textures and printed variations of those textures in black, green, and, blue. It reached a point where I was done with the jacket. I had no idea what to do and where to take it. I was just gonna donate what I had to good will. Then I ordered this silver ink and I got an idea, pulled the jacket out of the lost forever closet and started working. I added a fourth texture with the silver and printed the silver in a previous texture as well. How my current print set up is handled when fabric has high ridges or seams from sewing, when printing- those seams create gaps or spaces in the screen-printing so i went in there and hand painted.

The jacket is close to being done. I think I really want to do embroidery patches on this jacket. I've spent like ten hours looking at embroidery patches online. I haven't been able to find anything to use that would push the jacket in the right direction. I've considered printing my own patches and sewing them on, but I don't want it to look cheap after so many hours have been put into it. I think I'll most likely design some patches to be crafted at a custom embroidery shop. It'll have to take some time though cause I'ma about to be cash poor again. Good thing I have plenty of blanks and sweaters to work on while I figure out what will make this an awesome jacket. Right now it's resting on some lines. Pieces of the Jacket are on point, like one of the arms, but it needs to be moved into that new territory.

Just as a side note you would think that with embroidery being so popular right now that the gates would be flooding with amazing patches, but really it's alot of the same. There are some really good embroideries out there, but The styles of patches are specific and all exist in this particular spectrum. We'll see if I get some patches together. We'll see when I get the money up to get those patches.

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